Audio Video Creativity Band Members
Creativity and things we think about....
A Master Class in Creativity with Pianist Kenny Werner

Improvisation As A Model for Social Change

Graphic Notation
Nowness: Todd Selby x Christine Sun Kim
 A Molecular Dance in the Blood, Observed
 "This person would be an Animal" by Dana Jessen
Mark Applebaum's "Echololia"
 Mark Applebaum's "Aphasia"
 Mysteries of the Macabre
 Mark Applebaum: The Mad Scientist of Music
Bonny McDonald reads at The River
 Jib Kidder's "One for the Wildman"

Group Turns Natural Elements Into Musical Instruments

Kymapetra The singing stones

Bart Hopkin - Invented Musical Instruments

Musical Instrument Design - by Bart Hopkin (pdf)
Rattle Shell

Instruments of the Future

Ed Potokar
Peter Bussigel
Yaybahar by Görkem Sen
Droning Machine
Homemade Musical Instruments
Stretch a balloon to make a drum head
Paper and Piano
Wind Wand or Spirit Catcher
Kinetic Sculptures (walking chair, oil machine, artichoke petal, abandoned doll, roller chain, concrete)
Kinetic Sculptures of Anthony Howe

Gears - How Stuff Works

Helical Gears, Worm Gears, Spur Gears, Angle Gears, Rack Gears, Hypoid Gears, Gear Blanks, Gear Racks, Gear Stock, Right Angle Gears, Worms, Pinions, Plastic Gears, Precision Gears, Bevel Gears, etc
  more gear stuff
              All of this guys stuff is fascinating and instructional
  Mechanicards - skip through this video to see some cool mechanicals
  Lego Domino distribution machine
  Gears on Ebay